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If your exotic pet must undergo surgery, your pet will receive the highest standard of veterinary surgical care available. Exotic pets require a much more specialized approach to surgery. Our experienced doctors have been specifically trained to perform surgery on nearly every species of companion exotic pets.

Our hospital features the finest in surgical facilities for clients and their pets. Maryland Avian & Exotics Veterinary Care possesses the customized equipment, lighting, heated surgical tables, and post-operative care that exotic pets need for surgical procedures. We provide comprehensive surgical care with state-of-the-art surgical monitoring (including electrocardiography, respiratory, blood pressure, and temperature monitoring) along with the safest anesthesia for exotic pets.

When pets undergo anesthesia, it can be worrisome for their family. Our commitment to genuine customer service truly applies to those with pets in this position. We make anesthesia and surgery as safe as possible by using multiple monitoring devices to ensure your pet recovers from anesthesia without incident. Our staff is highly experienced with the different needs of birds, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, or other exotic species, while under anesthesia. Anesthesia or surgery is never without risk. Maryland Avian & Exotics is one of the safest places to have your pet undergo a major or minor procedure.

Our recovery ICU area is tailored to your pet's post-operative needs. Oxygen and heat support are available if necessary. Stress-free monitoring helps ensure your pet recovers from surgery without incident.

Our veterinarians ROUTINELY perform:

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