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Your exotic pet will receive the gentlest care possible in our hospital. The most common forms of diagnostic imaging utilized in a veterinary hospital are radiographs or X-rays. These are an important tool for identifying internal abnormalities, such as a fracture or organ enlargement. They are also essential in assessing problems like dental disease in rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas, or egg-laying problems in birds. It is extremely important to reduce the stress on prey species when they are in the hospital. We offer sedation and anesthesia in order to minimize your pet’s fear and anxiety during diagnostic imaging procedures. Sedation and gas anesthesia also aid in obtaining the best quality radiographs. Because we pledge the highest standard of veterinary care available for your exotic pet, we routinely have radiographs reviewed by board-certified radiologists.

Safety is of utmost importance to us at MAEVC. Pets are closely monitored while undergoing any procedure and throughout the recovery process.

CT Scans

Maryland Avian & Exotics is committed to offering the highest standard of veterinary medical service available. CT Scans are now available in conjunction with BluePearl Pet Hospital located in the upper floor of our building.

CT Scans generate detailed diagnostic imaging that can help diagnose ailments in very early stages. This tool can frequently find problems missed by radiographs. CT Scans are also instrumental in aiding veterinarians to plan complicated surgeries such as tooth-root infections.

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