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Microchipping Your Pet

We dedicate our lives to caring for exotic pets. But certain pets can be easily lost. We believe most pets, including birds, ferrets, rabbits and reptiles should be microchipped. Microchipping provides safe permanent identification. We can microchip your pet during your pet’s wellness exam.

The microchip is encoded with information about your pet and your contact information. If your pet was lost, most veterinary hospitals, animal-control services, animal rescues and shelters across the country are now equipped with scanners capable of detecting and reading microchips.

Our microchips are compliant with international travel regulations. Microchipping is especially important for birds capable of flight. If your bird should escape, microchips are a more reliable method of recovery than leg bands.

Many people believe their bird would never fly away because it is bonded to the family. However, when a bird is scared its instincts may take over, causing it to panic and fly away. The sad reality is many birds are lost in the wild each year and never recovered.

If You Find a Pet

If you find a lost pet, you can use the Pet Microchip Lookup website (PetMicrochipLookup.org) to find the pet's family based on the microchip number. You can also give us a call and bring the found pet to our clinic and we will be happy to scan the pet for you.

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