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Reptile Veterinary Care

Reptiles can be great pets!  They are interesting in appearance and behavior, and some are brightly colored. They live in many different environments and have developed fascinating adaptations to survive in water and on land.  As compared to other pets, reptiles require less daily care and exercise.  However, they require special needs and pet owners need education and knowledge to care for their reptile pet properly.  Reptiles can suffer serious health consequences from improper diets, handling or habitats.

Consider scheduling a consultation with us before you get a reptile.  We will talk about general care, required veterinary care (such as exams and parasite control), lifespan, and how large it may grow.  We will discuss the type of reptile you are interested in so that you recognize some signs of an unhealthy reptile.  The type of reptile you choose will determine their housing needs (temperature, humidity, lighting, flat or vertical surfaces, and size of tank), appropriate diet, socialization, grooming and stress considerations (i.e., other pets in the house).  As they grow, many reptiles’ needs for caging and care change and these changes will impact how suitable that animal is for your lifestyle.

Reptiles, like other pets, may become ill and require surgery or other veterinary care during their lifetime.  Routine (at least annually) veterinary visits are important.  Our specialized veterinary care for reptiles includes:

For more information about reptiles, please see our reptile care guides.

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