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Birds make excellent family pets.  However, it is important to make sure a bird fits your lifestyle before getting one as a pet. Birds have specialized housing, diet and medical needs. Please consider scheduling a consultation with us before you acquire your bird so that your bird is the right species for your family.

Birds are unique animals and required advanced knowledge in their structure, function and diseases for proper medical treatment.   At Maryland Avian & Exotic Veterinary Care, we have the specialized expertise, trained staff and equipment to provide the medical care and treatment of all types of birds.  We are full service avian veterinarians, offering:

Annual Examinations are Important for Birds

All birds need to be seen by us annually for a wellness exam. We tailor our wellness exams specifically for your unique bird.

The best treatment for any disorder is to catch it early, before your bird is showing any signs of illness.  An annual exam gives us the opportunity to ensure that your bird is healthy. In addition, an annual exam gives us baseline records and baseline blood values for future reference in the event that your bird is ever sick.  This exam is a perfect time to as any health, nutrition or behavior questions you may have about your bird. We can offer many solutions for resolving behavior issues, environment and enriching your bird’s life with food, toys and other items. 

Please call us today to schedule a consultation or wellness exam for your wonderful bird.

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